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Cockpit brightness logic


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I have a question about the cockpit brightness setting.
While testing/trying different presets, I noticed that changing the brightness to 0.1 (counter-intuitively the lowest number is the brightest setting, but OK) on all of them, will produce extremely different brightness levels in the cockpit. So it seems like "0.1" means a different outcome in different presets. This is a bit strange, as I can't figure out what other settings influence the brightness in the cockpit. I have one or two presets that I like in general, I just want to brighten up the cockpit on those. But that's not working well, as the brightest settings in those presets is still extremely dark.

How is this tied together? Why is 0.1 in one preset super bright, while the same value is very dark in another preset? 

(HRD settings are the same on all)


Thanks & BR

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This is all very confusing an complicated to me. Some settings doesn't change anything in the sim unless you meet specific criteria (like EA) but it's not explained which ones or how, others are just hard to understand.

I really hope you can improve this with some clear distinction between EA on and off (also the presets need to make this distinction, people keep asking "is this for EA on or off" in the comments) as well as some better explanation of the settings themselves, maybe with example images.

And honestly... this "live edit" thing is really misleading. First of all, reloading the shaders in game is a feature of P3D, not RDShade, that was available before. Second, even when editing the values, you'll still have to sit through a shader refresh of 5-10 seconds, which isn't helping that much when fine tuning your visuals. And third, most of your settings still require a sim restart, so as I was expecting something like p3Ds live settings window, where you can see in real time what you're modifying, I find myself a little disappointed.

But I still hope for future updates and improvements.... 🙂


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