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Confused about EA + RDShade


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Hi there,

I'm still a bit confused on what role EA plays using RDShade. For instance, "Sky saturation" doesn't seem change anything at all when I use EA. IF that is normal, it doesn't tell me. Some settings like the PBR terrain reflectance also doesn't change the reflectance of the plane but "fogs out" the terrain itself, or with some I can't really tell if anything is happening. It would be really helpful if you could show screenshots in some sort of documentation or explain with examples how certain sim settings (like EA) will affect the tweaks.
Is it even working with EA? Do you recommend it? I get the feeling most of the settings only work with EA off... 


Same with the presets, it's not clear to me if they are meant to be used with EA/TruSky/VolClouds or with EA off and legacy clouds. This could be marked/explained better imo... 




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Hi Stu!

Thank you for your question, yes RDShade works great with EA enabled, however there are some tweaks that only work with the original sky, we will try to make it more clear in the coming updates. We have a lot of tweaks planned for EA in the very near future in the updates so we will improve in this area after some users reporting 🙂 


Kind regards

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