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EA Haze amount


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First, thank you guys for this amazing app which has really added something great to P3D.
In particular, for me it has removed most of my objections to EA mode (ignoring for now VC clouds, until LM have done some much more needed work).
However there remains a rather large elephant in the EA room which I was hoping RDShade might be able to control, which is the overall amount of atmospheric haze displayed in EA.
Some have argued that this is realistic, and I agree that there are certain atmospheric conditions when it can look as strong as in EA in real life. But not all the time. I have flown many times in summer where it's been possible to see the terrain in almost perfect detail from 35000ft. In EA, I feel like I'm flying in fog all of the time - this for me is a massive immersion killer. What's the point of having high quality LC and photo scenery with autogen if it's constantly blurred out with haze and blue scattering? And it doesn't get much better with descent - even at 4000ft, I might just as well have default scenery for the visual benefit I get from it. For this reason,  I find myself regrettably switching EA off yet again.
So is this possibly something you could have a slider for in future versions? 

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I completely agree with the topicstarter. Along with the clutter of colors in the red shade (which, however, can now be corrected by a tweak) and the dark cockpit is one of the most unrealistic moments in EA. I hope the authors will find a way to fix it.

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