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RDShade and other Shader-related Apps


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Excited about this as we have needed something for a long time since the demise of Tomatoshade.
My questions are -
1. I have got my v5 looking amazing with EA off, using a combination of Envshade and Reshade (custom presets). I presume that I would have to disable these products to use RDShade (and I can see the value in starting with a "clean canvass")?
2. Given what I've said above, my main reason for wanting to try RDShade is to get my sim looking good in EA mode, which so far I've been unable to do for all times of day/seasons/situations to my total satisfaction. But looking through the manual I can't see any specific reference to EA in v5, so am I to assume that the tweaks work both with EA and without it?
3. Are any of the things that RDShade does "post-processing"  like Reshade? The only reason I ask is for screenshots, as if you use the sim screenshot tool, it will not incorporate any post-processing effects done by Reshade - does the same apply here?

Many thanks and looking forward to trying this out!

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Hi CruizinHigh!

Good questions! I will give you an awnser on all of them.

1. Reshade can be used with RDShade however ENVSHADE cannot. Luckily we provide everything envshade does and much more.

2. We have EA mode as well as original mode where you can choose which mode you would like to use in P3D, all will be set automatically for you and you get access to the tweaks for either the EA mode or the Orignal mode, and you can switch at any time. We have seen beta testers create a preset for themself using EA and Orignal clouds just so they can switch between the 2 from flight to flight.

3. We don't have post processing, only the post processing of P3D itself is adjusted and this is all we seen with the standard screenshot mode in P3D, we have kept all in P3D and created ways to adjust everything in the P3D code instead of to post process to not impact FPS as well as make the use of the software as easy as possible.

Hope this is all the info you need 🙂
If you have any other questions let us know!


Kind regards

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