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After I did the update, I'm asked to enter my license key again but unfortunately, I get an error message that it cannot be validated, it shows that I have no activations left while I still have 3 more

downloads available.

I got a message that "We have nobody else reporting activation issues.  " which really doesn't help at all.

I was expecting at least someone from tech team to check their end and see if any activations are left and not to tell to the customer  "  We have nobody else reporting activation issues.    "   

Very disappointing!



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  • RDPresets


Normal amount of activations is 2 times, so the 'Still have 3 more' is not correct. We saw in our system that you in fact have activated RDShade twice. We can reactivate your license. The response 'We have nobody else reporting activation issues' was regarding any server issues that could have been on our side which was not the case, if you can send us an e-mail with your serial key to info@RDPresets.com we will reactivate your key and you will be ready to go.


Kind Regards

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  • RDPresets

Hi Dennis,

You were one of the first, we did not have this problem in the first few weeks but more people came to us with activation problems the past days. It's mostly when users are reinstalling. We are looking into it but the server side of things seems healthy so it's either something that's wrong in RDShade or something that is going wrong in windows. Either way we are looking into fixing it but this will come in the next update.



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