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Same issues with old and new version....


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I have P3D v4.5.14.34698 and having the exact same issues from the original release to the latest version. I have made no parameter changes from the original settings. I can tell there is going to be an issue when I can see the canopy and pilot are missing from the F-22 while in the  Scenario screen. Then when I load a flight, you can see what CYEG airport and the surrounding scenery  looks like.


RDShade at CYEG .jpg

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I should have said everything is enabled within the program. I’ve tried it with leaving the values the way the initial install has them and also changing the values….problem still there either way. 
If I uninstall RDShade all is ok, reinstall and back to the issue, so it has to be RDShade. I’ve tried it twice on each version, with the same results. RD installed, P3D has issues, RD uninstalled, P3D ok. 

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I tried this....

Deleted RDShade....deleted the ShadersHLSL folder in P3D....ran the Install client and selected repair....checked and a new ShadersHLSL folder was reinstalled in P3D....reinstalled RDShade and enabled all....ran P3D....worked ok, there were no issues....until I made "one" change in RDShade (live edit...terrain saturation) and selected "reload"....when it came back from the black screen....the ongoing issue was there again.

I tried this twice exactly as described above with the same results, so does RDShade make changes in that ShadersHLSL folder that is causing the problem?



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