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Impossible for RD Shade to find and connect my used simulator

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I got RD Shade last week, but impossible for me to use it, because RD Shade can't detect my simulator, P3D v4.4. Impossible to open the browser where to determin my prepar 3D directory.

I don't know what to do to fix this issue. Can anybody helps me to resolve my problem?

NB: The browser bar is totally inactive (the open button does no more have any reaction).

Thank you for replies


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Thank you for your replies,

If I understand, RD Shade is not compatible with V4.4. That's a shame it's not clear in the presentation of the product on Simmarket. They say in requirements: P3d v4 and v5

I've already tried this update to v4.5 several times, and each time a major issue occured in the simulator: on my system, p3d v4.5 does not recognize any weather engine... So in that version of P3D my sky is always grey... like an ugly calque hiding the original sky. I advised P3D a few months ago, but no replies to help me! That's why I don't want to go there anymore. 

If you have another suggestion for me, I would appreciate,





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Hi Oliver,


Due to the nature and complexity of the product it's impossible for us to support each and every version as with every version small shaders changers are made by LM. If you only uninstall and install the Prepar3D client for V4.5 everything should still be in working order for you and you will be able to use RDShade 🙂


Kind regards

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