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Volumetric clouds and RDShade


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first of all good work for this new Software. But know some Questions how to tweak the Clouds,

On the main VC Option there are as Resolution the max 768 and one line deper there a 4 Resolution for low until Ultra, what means the 768 ? than when i set up the Clouds in P3D to Ultra i think the clouds will render with an 4096 Resolution its that right ?


Second When i take a look in the Volumetric Cloud Cfg there was on Main the X and Z render Grids how that works ? how lower the  Value the clouds will be render more fine ? then an higher value ?


as attach a Picture from todays Flight, work on preset for EA and VC on bit wont some clouds more fine. Most work is for the ST to do that looks often like waffel.


with best regards




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Hi Olli,

Thank you for your questions.

First question: Yes, you choose the 'low' option and the scale going up is adjusted based on that, meaning that when the resolution is set to '768' and you select ultra in-sim the coulds are rendered at 4k. This is because of the way Prepar3D handles the VC.

Second: We think we know which option in the vc.cfg you are talking about, these values determine the max size of the clouds in kilometers from the middle of the cloud possition, this is not adjustable in RDShade.


Great work on your preset so far, look forward to seeing how it will end up 🙂

Kind regards

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