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Addon Airport Disappears (not loading?)

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I'm using RDShade in P3dv4.5.  I'm running tests with it using the FlightBeam KMSP airport scenery & PMDG B748. Whenever I go into the Customization tab and enable the default RDShade settings under "Aircraft Lighting and Saturation" section, all of the addon scenery for that airport disappears (does not load).

Any suggestions?



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Hi Scott, we just responded to your reply on the other post, you can place this GPUTerrain file in your ShaderHLSL and this should fix the issue for now, we will release an update tomorrow or the day after with all the fixes and the issues you are having will be fixed 🙂


We are hard at working fixing the issues our great users have managed to find 🙂

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Yes that will fix the issue you are showing, we apologies for the issue and we are working on an update to implement the fix as we speak. Unfortunately we can't prevent everything during the testing phase.

If you want the issue fixed please use the file I send here


Thank you for your purchase and letting us know about the issue!


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