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I bought rdshade, and I have a question that the presets of P3DV5 cannot be used on V4, right, can you tell which presets are used on V4 and which are presets used on V5 ! Because I downloaded two on the preset page, but they should be displayed perfectly on V5, but I didn't get a good display on V4, and they even had the wrong color on the ground!

I can't provide screenshots right now, I can provide them if needed, my version is V4.5.14   


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All presets can be used with all version, however, like you mentioned, V5 presets may not look right in V4, There aren't too many presets made by V4 users, we assume most people use V5. However, I know there are V4 presets in the works so you can use a V5 preset and adjust it yourself for now and users will start posting V4 presets in the download section soon!

Thank you for your purchase!

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