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2 Questions

Leiwei Li

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Thanks for this amazing produts, it really changes the atmosphrere that I feel in the sim. Here I have two questions:

1. Should I open the App eveytime when I fly in the sim after I have successfully applied the preset into the sim?

2. Does this App have the same funtion or have conflict with e.g. Envshade or Environment Force from Rex? 

Thanks again!

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Hi Leiwei,


Thank you for the kind words!

1. No you don't have to have RDShade open, just start it up when you want to change things and you can shut it off again/

2. It does not work with envshade, RDShade includes all the functions of envshade and much much more with a lot more customization, but they wouldn't work together

Thank you for your questions!

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