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Complete uninstall and restore?


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Found the manual (it is linked from the app and downloadable from the store).  I still can't work out if I am going to get a full restore if I uninstall. There is a section on updating, which seems like it might have the right steps, but a restore does not undo certain changes to the base simulator installation from what I see.  I am hoping to have a full restore and uninstall to return the sim to its original condition.

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Use the restore all button in de software and uninstall via windows.


no special procedure.


however, we have tested the software for more than 4 months and not once have we heard any of the testers about a CTD, CTD’s normally don’t come from shaders, black screens do at start up but no CTD. Can you explain what you have been doing to get to this point?


kind regards

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Thanks.  Yes, I wanted a full and clean uninstall to trouble-shoot the CTD.  I am happy to support RD as I have enjoyed all products thus far.  I feel that if I can establish the the restore / uninstall process is clean, then I can look into other causes.  P3D can be touchy about things at times.

Thank you and I will report back.

Also, will more tutorial videos be on the way?

Thanks again.

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