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Still a Dark Cockpit - Cockpit Brightness Setting Below 0.1?


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New RDShade customer here - though I've read on AVSIM development has stopped for P3Dv5, unfortunately (terrible timing on my purchase I suppose).  Forgive my naive question, I've been battling dark cockpits for as long as v5 has been around and I've been searching for a very long time for a fix through a variety of shader or Nvidia tweaks.  Is there a way to Have the Cockpit Brightness setting to go below 0.10 minimum value, or even negative values?  Cockpit brightness seems to have an effect and help but I almost wish I can adjust it further.  This screenshot is at 0.10, autoexposure off, and HDR brightness at 1.72.  If I could somehow brighten the cockpit or reduce cockpit shadow depth even further, this seems it would be helpful.


Thank you.



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I wouldn't agree on the terrible timing part, RDShade is still a great tool for people using P3D V5 and the fact that we are currently not developing new tweaks doesn't mean the software can't be usefull (We still very much support the software and will release bug fix updates, only thing that we don't do is develop new tweaks).

To anwser your question, we have played around with this setting ourselfs and testing all different values, and going below 0.10 doesn't make a difference in-sim in our testing, going negative makes it darker again, so that's why we choose 0.10 as a minimum as unfortunatly that's the brightest we can make the cockpit's in V5 with TrueSky. It's very much a simulator limitation we have tried to correct as much as we could 🙂

I hope this anwsers your question, don't hesitate to ask more if needed, like I said, RDShade is still very much a supported product and bug fixes and updates will be released, however we currenly don't plan to put R&D Resources into RDShade for P3D due to the decline of P3D in the last year.

Kind regards

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