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Day & Night Cycle for cloud lighting?


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G'day Captains,

After intensive use of P3D v5.3 over alot of months it came to me that the clouds are just too Bright at night, therefor i set it down with RDShade, now the clouds look perfect at night but too dark at day, which is pretty annoying.

Now: Is there any possibility to have a Day/Night (Time) Cycle for RDShade to lower/brighten the Clouds depending on the time?

Would make the P3D clouds look alot better.


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Hey Alex,

Thank you for reaching out! The answer to your question is 2 sided. Yes it is possible to make a tweak that adjusts it based on day/night, however, only for the original old style clouds, not for the volumetric clouds. And the second part of the answer, we have not included this feature in RDShade yet because we did not figure out a reliable way to make it work without issues. I hope this answer your question!

Kind regards

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