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Error open Preset and Question


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Hello dear community,

I bought RDShade today, and I'm really a fan of the products.
I have 2 questions.
I keep getting an error when I try to call up a preset (see picture), what can I do about it? Or what am I doing wrong?
My 2 question is, can you use Envdir and Envshade with RDShade? Or is only one of them possible? Logically, I imagine that you can only use one and not both, right?

Best regards,


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Hi Demi,

Thank you for your purchase and we are happy you like the product! To answer the simple question. You cannot use Envshade or Envdir with RDShade, this will give lots of issues.

Secondly, we need some more info regarding the error. Do you get this error when opening an preset file? or when clicking 'apply'

Please let us know 🙂
Kind regards

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