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World settings not saving (p3dv5.3)

Dick hobbs

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Hello and congratulations on a great product. 

As the title say's, every time start a new session of p3d I have to reset my saved profile settings in sim. Specifically cloud draw distance.

After settling on a preset that matches my preferences and a couple of tweaks, I name a profile in p3d and save it followed by saving the preset in RdShade. However, when starting a new flight in p3d my profile settings shows "custom" and find that my cloud draw has been reset to max where I like 100miles.

Am I missing something?

Regars, D.H.

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So the issue is that the cloud draw distances is changed whenn you start P3D after using RDShade? Because RDShade sets it's own value in the config file it reads 'custom' because it was custom set by you using RDShade, this can still be 100 if you have set 100 in RDShade however P3D doesn't show that.

Hope that explains.
Kind regards

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