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Why is EA constanly being Activated ?


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As per the title, why does RDShade constantly turn EA on whenever I change/save any customizations?

It changes "EnhancedAtmospherics=0" to "EnhancedAtmospherics=1" within my Prepar3D.cfg file.


Maybe I'm missing some simple setting somewhere as I don't want EA enabled.

Any ideas, please?



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Hi Bernard,

If you have the volumetric cloud tweaks enabled RDShade will automatically enable EA as well as we had issues with the earlier version so this was the solution. If you want to use Volumetric clouds and the original sky you have to turn EA off manual for the moment. We will fix this in a future update.

Kind regards

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Thanks for your reply.

However I have all 'cloud' tweaks disabled in RDShade yet it still turns on EA  whenever I save/apply any tweak whatsoever ?


Are you saying this is a know bug that awaits addressing?




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