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Dynamic light are missing.


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Hello guys.


My P3D version is V4.5.14.34698 (HOFIX3)

When I enable Sky > Haze, and setting, then open P3D, Haze effect can visible but My dynamic light are missing!  

This problem also in every airport.


How can I fix this problem? Plz

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2 minutes ago, RDPresets - Robin said:


For the short term I recommend not using this tweak, we will investigate and see what we can do to fix this.


thank you for reporting!

kind regards


Thanks Robin.

But I also had two problems, and so many users had this problem too.

1. When I enable [ Lightning > Aircraft lighting and saturation ] or [ Autogen lighting ] , then open P3D, any autogen and buildings include airport will missing, only show ground poly, that is so  weird.

2. When I enable [ Environment > Water surface ] , then open P3D, all terrain and buildings and anything are missing, that is very scary.


I try all day, Including the above dynamic lighting problems, a total of "3" problems were found.

I'm a V4.5 user and don't plan to upgrade to V5. I like this product very much, but I hope that these frustrating problems can be fixed, because this is the only tool for V4 that can make the graphics more realistic, I look forward to your efforts Fix bugs and release updates quickly.


Thank you Robin.


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