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P3D V5.3 - Night looks terrible.

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I am using Prepar3d V5.3, togther with ORBX all general addons.

In addition to that i use Rex SkuForce3d and RDShade.

When i using different type of presets my night enviroment looks like this see screenshot.

In addition to that the sky also looks terrible together with the ground it loks like i am bag to 8 bit collors.

Also the mcdu looks weired to me


I am kinde lost with what to do now.


System specs:

AMD Radio 6800 16Gb Graphics card connected to LG Ultragear 34 Inc wide screen

AMD Ryzen 7 5700X 8-Core 4,7Ghz

32 GB ram




2022-06-21 21_31_13-.png

2022-06-21 21_34_06-Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v5.png

2022-06-21 21_35_34-Lockheed Martin® Prepar3D® v5.png

2022-06-21 21_36_23-SubMenuDialog.png

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Hi Andres,

And this effect is not present during the day? I looks to me like low texture quality of the sky, MCDU and other textures you don't like as this is not really impacted by any of our add-ons. If this effect is not there during the day it could just be the night textures you have in your simulator being low quality (Especially the aircraft you are using).

Kind regards

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During the day i thihnk evything looks fine no complains. maybe a clean install should work.

I know the aerosoft A330 is low quality, dont have this with PMDG or FSLabs.

I am gonna switch to envtex to see if that makes a different.


Though i have blurry ground textures which are a pain in the ... in 4.5 i could tweak arround it but now days i can solve it for 80%.

But that is out of scope for your support  😉

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