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RDShade preset not visible in P3D


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Good Morning,

I had recently downloaded & installed RDshade to work with P3D v4.5, however, I have noticed that only some settings are taking effect. I have been able to modify a few items such as clouds, sky & terrain saturation, etc.. but some other settings have no change what so ever. I have been having a really hard time noticing any lighting changes with virtual cockpit diffuse and ambient values, aircraft exterior, or autogen night lighting. I have tried to set the values at both extremes of the spectrum, but I have failed to notice any changes. I then proceeded to not use the live change function, and close P3D before making any changes, and then opening it afterwards to no avail. I have used PTA in the past so I'm a little familiar with customizing shaders and lighting values.

For what its worth, I looked up the the preset files that's generated every time I apply new shader settings, and I noticed that there are 2 separate files with shader settings, one titled "Prepar3D v4.5.14.xxxx" and another "Prepar3D v5.3.17.xxxx', which is curious since I have never had P3D v5 ever installed in my computer. both preset files also have values for different settings, so they're not identical.

any help would be appreciated!



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To add on to the above said,

I have run into a variety of nuisances I'd like to share:

- Anytime I enable any lighting setting, more specifically aircraft or autogen lighting, I lose most light polygons  that comes with orbx base. I have also noticed that aircraft windows on the start page preview window also disappear. As soon as I disable it, they return. No matter what values I use, this happens. I had initially thought I had an issue with orbx or even P3D itself. I have deleted and reinstalled everything, P3D inclusive, and then realized that the RDshade customized preset was inducing this issue.

- autogen emissive lighting has no effect on the autogen brightness. No matter what values I use, the autgen still shows overly bright.

-in regards to aircraft lighting settings, they also do not make any changes to the brightness or shadows either inside or outside the aircraft. But as mentioned above, they do erase night light polygons on the ground.

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Thank you for y our feedback, every tweak is tested and should work however some tweaks are more visible than others and the ranges we allow our users to customize are quite small to keep it usable for every type of user. The Aircraft lighting tweak issue is a known bug that will be fixed. Autogen emissive lighting is not autogen brightness during the day but the night texture of the autogen, thats why emmisive is stated in the tweak. The aircraft lighting tweak is difficult as some 3rd party addon creators use different setting for their addon which means our tweak on release did not affect every one of them, have you tried with different aircraft? Keep in mind that most tweaks are not able to be live edited due to P3D limitations. Only the ones with 'Live editing' stated are able to be changed on the go, all the other ones require a restart.

Kind regards

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I would also like to add myself to the ones which are getting no Orbx night lights (except roads) when aircraft and autogen lighting tweaks are applied, forcing me to leave them unchecked, which causes the sim (P3d 4.5) to look not much different from default making the program half useful. (I used to use PTA however it is no longer supported)

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