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Activation Issue

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hello guys. did a fresh Win install and installed RDShade as usual and no problems till today when I tried to open RDShade and the following error shown up:
Its looks like your License is not activated!, please enter your credentials again.

When I try to activate with my license key, that was sent me via email, the following message shown up:

We could not validate your license key please use another one or call support if this is a mistake. remaining activation count: 0

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Having this problem too - is there any way that we don't have a very limited number of activations?  

I bought straight from the store , but i noticed that it is now on Simmarket - which usually allows many more installations .


Some of us encounter issues with our sim which result in re-installing of  add-ons sometimes. 


Thank you

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  • RDPresets Staff

Hi Rob,

Due to piracy / key sharing reasons we can not allow more than 2 activations per users, When RDShade is properly uninstalled the key is also deactivated on the PC so in that case you get 1 activation back. Most people run into problems when doing a windows reset and RDShade is not deinstalled.

Kind regards

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