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Tweak for adjusting taxiway and apron texture brightness?

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Hi guys,

Love RDShade, really works well, looks nice and easy to tweak!

I have a question though;

Is it possible to adjust taxiway and apron brightness?
I have everything worked out for me now, except the fact that I just can't see anything on the ground at night, see screenshots attached (added a day-time shot as well for comparison). I have been tweaking around with the settings, however nothing seems to effect this.

Thanks for the support.



Marcel Onderdelinden




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Hi Marcel,

Thank you for the suggestion! We will definitely take a look at this as I think this would very will be possible to make, this wouldn't be in the next update as that version is already being tested but if we manage to find a solution it will find it's way into the update there after.

Thank you again for the suggestion and purchase!
Kind Regards

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