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  1. Hey all, I just purchased RD Shade, and while I think it's finally time that we had gotten a shader program for P3Dv5, I would like to offer some suggestions. Additions Add rayleigh scattering and the ability to change it's RGB values Add separate cloud brightness values for day time and night time (original clouds) Add the ability to change tree saturation/brightness/light factor as well (if possible) as the program states that it only affects autogen buildings instead of vegetation Changes Change Terrain saturation, as it just multiplies color.rgb += ambient with whatever value is inputted in RDShade instead of actually affecting the saturation. This just brightens the terrain instead of saturating it. Use saturate(x, y, z) for proper saturation of terrain. That's all I really wanted more from this product, and I do hope to see more improvements as they come!
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