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EHRD Rotterdam v2.


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A while ago after the update of Rotterdam v2 for MSFS was posted i saw the announcement "P3D version 2 coming soon".

That has now totally disappeared from the site. No more mention of it.
Are you letting the P3D users down just like so many other developers too?
Totally disappointing...



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  • RDPresets Staff

Hi Jaap,

Thank you for your opinion, strange saying we let P3D down by releasing a big update for RDShade P3D literally today... We made a statement regarding Rotterdam V2 in the Rotterdam section of this forum saying the following:

'Hi all,

As we were getting a few questions regarding Rotterdam V2 I wanted to make a post so no new topics have to be created regarding this subject. Due to the lack of interest and users on the Prepar3D platform we have dramatically reduce the amount of time we dedicate to Prepar3D development. This as it doesn't make much sense at this point in time to but focus on Prepar3D as the community is clearly shifting towards MSFS 2020 and X-Plane. Rottedam V2 for Prepar3D is underway, however, at a very slow rate and we cannot say when this project will be released.

Thank you for reading.

Kind regards
The RDPresets Team

We go where the demand is and the demand for sceneries in Prepar3D is at an all time low, we are a big team that needs to pay the bills and using too much of our resources on P3D development will mean that those people doing all the amazing jobs behind the scenes can simply not be paid.

I think this is all that can be said regarding this topic. I will for that reason lock this topic to prevent any discussions.

Kind regards

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