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EHRD - Rotterdam V2 released!

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  • RDPresets Staff

Today marks the release of our revamped Rotterdam product. The product has been completely redone and is truly a different beast compared to its predecessor. We are sure you will enjoy this one.

Order the product through our website and Simmarket.

What can you expect from the product:

  • Highly detailed version of Rotterdam the Hague Airport.
  • Handcrafted 3D Objects.
  • Accurate night lighting.
  • Accurate vliegclub area and new aeroclub modelled.
  • Hoog-Zestienhoven industrial area modelled.
  • Airport Hotel Rotterdam.
  • Brand new Fletcher Hotel in front of the Wings Hotel has been modelled.
  • Simple terminal interior.
  • Optimized performance.
  • Custom highly detailed ground textures.
  • Accurate area in front of the airport, featuring billboards, monuments, flags, fuel station and full car parks.
  • Accurate taxiway, runway and apron featuring the recently added (Q) parkings.
  • PBR Materials throughout.
  • Custom taxiway signs with light emission on the ground.

We are certain that Rotterdam is the perfect place to enjoy the newly released 737, download one of our recently uploaded liveries and take to skies with RDPresets Rotterdam!


RDShade coming soon front slide show copy 2.jpg

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