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RDPresets Development Blog 27AUG2022

RDPresets - Robin



Hello everyone!

We haven’t done a development blog in some time now, this because the focus was on the release of Naples. However, despite of this progress on all other projects has been great and we are here today ready to share some information regarding this. We’ve released Naples which has been incredibly well received in the community for the great reviews and responses, we couldn't ask for more!

To continue on the scenery development side. Development is going quickly and we currently have a significant amount of airports finished when it comes to building development, now the focus is on converting these airports into a final product.



We have been expanding the ways our customers and potential future customers can choose to buy the RDPresets products. The amount of products we have been releasing and are planning to release has significantly increased.

This means more flight simmers are interested in buying an RDPresets product! We are now working together with the biggest names in the industry to provide the most flexibility when it comes to buying RDPresets products.

The latest addition is the MSFS 2020 Marketplace where soon all the RDPresets products and future products will become available for purchase! Others include Simmarket, Flightsim.to and contrail.shop.





LIRN - Naples

We want to thank everybody for the great response on RDPresets LIRN Naples! We have been really happy with the results the team at RD is more motivated than ever to bring our customers even more great sceneries in the coming months. Speaking of those, why don’t we talk about what’s coming in the next month?!

Future projects

Let’s get to the future products. We currently have a lot of products in the works behind the scenes. This is because we want to reduce the time between projects which means we have to look at more than 1 or 2 projects ahead. This being said we will continue to announce 1 airport at a time (Maybe 2 in rare cases) to allow the team to change release planning/scheduling when necessary if we run into an issue with a project.

Now onto the good news! Or next airport (Which is ready to start beta testing!) Is Girona-Costa Brava Airport LEGE! in the northeast of Catalonia, Spain. The airport is well connected to the Costa Brava and the Pyrenees. Girona Airport is used as an alternative airport for Barcelona as well, even though the airport is 74 km north of the center of Barcelona. With airlines like Jet2, Ryanair, Transavia, and TUI Group flying to and from the airport to bring tourists to their well-deserved vacation! We expect the release of Girona in the coming month* (*Subject to changes if necessary to ensure the quality).

To give an insight into what is planned after Girona. LEGE Girona is the smallest airport we are currently working on with some big international airports joining the RDPresets Scenery collection soon!

Below you can find some screenshots of Girona in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Final touches are now being completed and we expect to have a beta test-ready version in the coming weeks.





LFML - Marseille

Initially, we planned on Marseille being released before Naples. However, due to some buildings not being ready in time we were forced to delay Marseille LFML. We are still working on Marseille and expect more news on this project soon!






Work on our (Free) RDHome software has continued and we hope to start alpha testing in the coming weeks. However, as RDHome is at the core of all the RD Products we want to be 100% sure it works as intended without any issues.

So stay tuned for more RDHome news coming later in 2022, for people that haven’t read our last dev blog where we announced RDHome, a quick recap of what RDHome is: RDHome is a HUB software for all our products. As this year we will be releasing many more products we wanted to create a solution for our users to have easy access to our products when it comes to every part of the RD process. Buying, installing, reinstalling, and updating can all be done via the RDHome app. In the future, your go-to will be RDHome for everything RDPresets related.



We have had some people reach out to us regarding the release of GSX for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. 1 question stood out, 'Will you be making your airports compatible with GSX'. Absolutely, we are working on presets for all of our addon sceneries to make them compatible as well as making sure all our future products have GSX integrated as well as can be. And use all new features in the MSFS 2020 version.



So that concludes this blog post, quite an exciting one if I may say so myself. Even though I don’t have screenshots for you right now, they will follow soon. We’re full steam ahead on Girona and some very exciting other airports, which you will love as well! For now, thank you for reading and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Best regards,

RDPresets Team and from me, Robin.



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