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RDPresets Development Blog 04JUN2022

RDPresets - Robin



Hello everyone!

Today, we have some really awesome things to announce and also able to show everyone soon! It’s been a while since we have done a development blog, more than a month has passed since and a lot has happened. We’ve released Rotterdam v2 which has been incredibly well received in the community for the great reviews and responses, it’s truly humbling.
Intensive work has been going on behind the scenes recently and the hard work is starting to pay off, scenery development has ramped up quickly and we have quite some airports close to completion in the modelling stage. More on this later.

Rotterdam V2

As mentioned in the introduction, Rotterdam was released last month and we couldn’t have been happier by the responses. I’m happy to say that we’ll be continuing work on this and will release updates when necessary and available. Feedback given to us is being worked on, but most of our resources are currently on getting some brilliant new products to your simulator. Rest assured, Rotterdam is not being left alone.

More to come for this!

Future sceneries
And then for the exiting part! Let me first start by saying that our Marseille airport has hit some major bumps in the road, some items failed our Quality Assurance and are requiring some remodelling, this will take time and has set Marseille back two release slots, meaning as it stands two other airports will come before it. Are we happy with this setback? Not at all, but it is a necessary one to assure proper quality, this is a system we’ve implemented quite aggressively after our initial Rotterdam release which was, regrettably, bad. Because of that though, we’ve learned to approach it differently and implemented multiple failsafe’s. This is a good thing for you and for me.

But this does allow me to announce you our first new airport which is in Italian, “Aeroporto di Napoli”. We’re incredibly proud of how this product is currently being developed and it’s going at an incredible pace. We’re using a new texture method (For us) ensuring a higher texture resolution, but at the same time using less texture sets. It took us some time to perfect this and arguably we’re still learning it, but we feel it is really good already and worthy enough to put it above our current Rotterdam airport quality. Buildings are highly detailed and making real good use of the MSFS Engine.

Something which is also quite exciting, is our new way of making our ground textures. We’re really going the extra mile in apron details and taxiways. We’ll be using A LOT of details. We’ll try to create a texture for every different asphalt/concrete colour on the airport, which will truly give you an idea of arriving or departing on a truly used airport with some proper weathering. This however, is quite a project and requires a lot of time. So I can’t give a date about release just yet, but I can say that you’ll be seeing in-sim pictures of it really *really* soon.  



RDShade (By Robin)

We are currently finishing up the content update 1 for RDShade Prepar3D. When the update is finished, we will be testing and shortly after releasing the first update for RDShade. We have added A LOT of new tweaks, including TrueSky improvement and tweaks and additional features to the program to make using it even easier and more straight forward. So expect a RDShade update soon.

RDHome (By Robin)

In parallel with all the other projects we are also working on a HUB software for all our products. As this year we will be releasing many more products we wanted to create a solution for our users to have easy access to our products when it comes to every part of the RD process. Buying, installing, reinstalling and update can all be done via the RDHome app. In the future your go-to will be RDHome for everything RDPresets related. We have a lot more planned for this HUB software but we are still in early stages, we will be sharing going forward.




So that concludes this blog post, quite an exciting one if I may say so myself. Even though I don’t have screenshots for you right now, they will follow really soon. We’re full steam ahead on Napels and some very exciting other airports, which you will love as well! For now, thank you for reading and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Best regards,

RDPresets Team and from me personally, Cas.



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