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RDPresets Development Blog 15APR2022





Hello everyone,

Today we come to you with big news! Rotterdam V2 is officially in beta. But not only that, we’ll be announcing another new product that will be coming after Rotterdam V2. Before everyone gets too excited, we’re still quite a way off with putting that product in beta though, but good progress is being made so we are confident with announcing this product.

This Development Blog also comes after our release of RDShade, we would like to thank everyone for the great revies and impressions and of course the sharing of all your presets! It really humbled everyone here at RDPresets. We are hard at work with improving RDShade, more on that later from our CEO Robin.





Rotterdam V2


At last! Rotterdam V2 in beta. We’ve made so many improvements, we almost lost count. Everything you’ll see is completely new. Every model, every texture. The atmosphere on the airfield is completely different. It feels like an airport that is actually alive. We’re quite happy with how everything is going so far, there are still quite some major bugs we need to iron out though and this will take time as with everything.

Rotterdam V2 also means our entry into the MSFS market, after careful consideration we’ve decided to take the leap and go for it. The airport looks stunning in MSFS and I’ll add some more pictures in this blog, keep in mind that everything is a WIP and will and can be changed accordingly.

Future sceneries


As I mentioned in the introduction, we are going to announce a new scenery that is currently in development. And I’m proud to announce that we are working on RDPresets Marseille Provence Airport.

Marseille is an amazing project that we’ve grown to love here at RDPresets. Marseille is the second largest city in France by population and is home to beautiful beaches, architecture, culture and a very rich history. And the airport is the connection to all of this.

We’ve found that Marseille has barely been represented in the flightsim community, so we took the liberty of changing this. Marseille airport will come for XP and MSFS. We cannot say when it will come, but we are quite far along in the development process. It’s not beta ready yet for quite a while. But it’s coming.. and it’s not the only airport that is coming



We are very busy behind the scenes improving RDShade, adding new features and tweaks to make the RDShade experience even better. We had a very successful launch because of all the positive reactions to the product, everybody seems to enjoy their new look in Prepar3D V4/V5. We still have a lot of plans for RDShade P3D and we will continue to develop it and add new things in the coming months. We have shared a release planning on our social media outlets for all the current RDShade users to have an idea of when the updates will come and what type of update it will be (Either hotfix or feature update). Much more to come on the RDShade side of things!






Something completely new that we haven’t shared with the community just yet is that we are working on a software that will become the central hub for all your RDPresets products, here you will be able to download, install and buy RDPresets products easier than ever before. As we have many projects planned this year, the RDHome software can really take the user experience to the next level. To give you an idea, in the future, when buying an RDPresets addon, you will receive a key and an installer for RDHome (If you haven’t installed it already). You can take this key, insert it in RDHome and the product will be added to your account, and you are good to go! Your products will also be kept up-to-date automatically and you will be notified whenever a new product is released. More info on RDHome will come with time but this is just a small glimpse of what is to come.





That’s it, the second dev-blog for RDPresets with some big news. Rotterdam V2 entering beta, Marseille airport in development, RDShade, RDHome. And many more airports coming. Truly an exciting time for us and hopefully you look forward to our future blogs where we will announce more products, updates, hotfixes and more. For now this is it from me and we will see each other again soon!

Best regards,

RDPresets Team and from me personally, Cas.


P.S. Enjoy the previews from MSFS below, keep in mind it is a WIP. If you spot any inaccuracies, these will very likely be changed and fixed 😉







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