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RDPresets Development Blog 20FEB2022

Cas - RDPresets



Hello everyone,

Last year we released our first ever scenery, ever since our release we have learned an incredible amount concerning the community but mostly concerning add-on development. Rotterdam is a very important product for us and that is why we recently released our first hotfix for the airport. This fixed a large amount of issues around the airport, but it is still missing some small and large things which make the airport feel that much more complete. I am very happy to say that we are working on making that happen. In fact we are working on quite a few interesting things at the moment, I can tell you about some but most will remain within the team for a while.



Rotterdam V2

First thing I can say is that we are in fact updating Rotterdam as I mentioned before, but not in the way you expect it to be done. Developing Rotterdam took an incredibly long time for V1, I joined the team around 6 months ago and since then we’ve continuously expanded allowing us to develop quicker and better, because of this we are now able to make a new version of Rotterdam in record time. Yes, you read that right. We are making a completely new version of Rotterdam Airport, everything will be new. New models, new textures, everything completely redone, basically nothing will be reused. We are incredibly excited to show you the first screenshots of this soon.

But you’re probably asking yourself why completely redo Rotterdam? So did we. To us quality is incredibly important and many first products in the community don’t quite cut it yet, the same applied to us. So as a show of faith and trust, we are investing in Rotterdam to make sure that it is on industry standard levels. Rotterdam V2 will be free for all existing customers and we are quite happy with the progress and we have most of the models textured already. It will take us some time to get it out there, but bear with us, it will be worth it!



Future sceneries

While we work on Rotterdam V2, we are also working on various other sceneries. Sadly I can’t tell you a lot about these since they are in quite early development and are not in the simulator yet. Our target is to release these for MSFS as well, we are not quite sure if we will also release Rotterdam V2 for MSFS, but it currently is up for discussion and a very big possibility. Our next few airports will not be in the Netherlands, but in countries where the temperature is slightly higher and a bit less rainy. We’ve taken a close look at the Supply and Demand while choosing what airport to develop and we were shocked to see that our next endeavours weren’t developed yet, or they were very old and outdated. We’ve seen a lot of people request these airports so we’re sure you will love them. I know I do.



CEO Talk

And now a small word from our CEO who has worked tirelessly on our new secret project:

We are working very hard behind the scenes to make this project the best it can be, we have taken out a excess amount of time to develop and test this piece of software (Yes, it’s a software) to make sure there will be no issues at launch. This project is something we at RDPresets have wanted to create for a very long time but have never had the resources to do so, due to the growth we have seen at RDPresets during the past 1.5 years these kinds of projects are now possible! We think this project really fits into a slot of it’s own in the Prepar3D V5 landscape of addons. We will be showing the project to the public this week (Week nr. 8). Expect the release to still take a little bit of time to prepare everything behind the scenes as well as iron out bugs and do some extra testing to make sure the software is ready to hit the ground running!

Meanwhile we have really expanded our scenery department to increase the number of sceneries as well as decrease the time it takes for us to develop sceneries. We will always be creating guides for all current and future simulators but our goal for 2022 it to establish ourselves as a go-to scenery and utility addon developers for flight simulators.. 

For now, keep an eye out this week for our big announcement!




So this was it, our first ever dev-blog, I hope I was able to give you a bit of an idea of what is going on behind the scenes. We’ll be doing these every now and then. Maybe bi-weekly, maybe monthly. It depends on how much I have to share with everyone. Our goal is to make these a lot and really give everyone a look behind the scenes, I enjoy writing these blogs and I hope you enjoyed reading them!

Best regards,

RDPresets Team and from me personally, Cas.




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