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RDPresets Development Blog 15APR2022

Hello everyone, Today we come to you with big news! Rotterdam V2 is officially in beta. But not only that, we’ll be announcing another new product that will be coming after Rotterdam V2. Before everyone gets too excited, we’re still quite a way off with putting that product in beta though, but good progress is being made so we are confident with announcing this product. This Development Blog also comes after our release of RDShade, we would like to thank everyone for the great revies and

RDPresets Development Blog 20FEB2022

Hello everyone, Last year we released our first ever scenery, ever since our release we have learned an incredible amount concerning the community but mostly concerning add-on development. Rotterdam is a very important product for us and that is why we recently released our first hotfix for the airport. This fixed a large amount of issues around the airport, but it is still missing some small and large things which make the airport feel that much more complete. I am very happy to say that w


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